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Award Winning Salon

Winners of the 5 Star Beauty Salon of the Year - North Wales

Overall Winner 5 Star Beauty Salon of the Year - Wales

Highly Commended Award - Semi Permanent Make-up Artist of the year - Wales

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Debbie, our SMPU artist, specialises in creating beautiful natural looking brows.




Natural hair strokes are created using a hand-tool with super fine blades, along with the carefully chosen pigment colour for you. Hair strokes are carefully crafted to fill in and add natural looking hairs.  Price includes your 6 week top up treatment.



Powder brow adds pigment, creating a powder makeup effect, ideal for those who prefer a fuller looking brow. Price includes your 8 week top up treatment. This is performed using a digital machine, ideal for delicate skins and oily skins.


Also known as combination brows, blade and shade combines both hair strokes and powder brow. Ideal for those who like a more natural looking brow with a little more fullness. Price includes your 8 week top up. This technique is performed using a digital machine, ideally for delicate skins and oily skin.

Eyeliner / Lash Enhancement £200

Define your eyes with Semi Permanent lash enhancement or eyeliner.

Lasts 12-18mnths when a colour boost is recommended to keep it looking fresh.

Lash Enhancement adds pigment to the base of your lashes, a perfect way to enhance your eyes, adding defintion whilst making your lashes appear fuller.

Eyeliner adds pigment above the lash line, defining eyes and saving you the hassle of applying eyeliner each day 

Colour Boosts

(please note colour boosts are only bookable when Debbie did your last semi permanent make up session)

- up to 12mnths £100

- 12 - 18 mnths £150

- 18 mnths + full price


Following your free consultation you can book your procedure with a £50 deposit. 


Microblading is a semi permanent make up procedure for the brows. Lasting 12 - 18mnths for hand-tool microblading / 18mnths + for machine technique, making it an ideal treatment for those wanting a lasting brow, without the need of having to pencil or draw brows on everyday.


We are able to create natural looking hair strokes to any brow, even those with little or no hairs!


We specialise in creating the most natural looking brows, using the finest blades and the highest quality pigments to create your perfect brows.


Prior to your microblading session we will arrange a consultation and patch test, this gives us the opportunity to discuss your brows and complete your consultation form to ensure the treatment is suitable for you... there is no charge for your consultation.


Microblading takes approx 2 - 3 hrs, with a top up after 6 weeks which takes approx 1hr.


We provide all the advise for before and after your treatment, along with what to expect during your treatment, so you can have peace of mind you are in good hands and know all of the do's and dont's to prepare and look after your new brows.


CONTACT US to discuss your brows

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